Catching up, part one

Dates: 7/27/21 – 8/2/21
Running Days: 4
Miles: 3.1 + 2.7 + 3.5 + 3.8
Other Activities: Paddleboarding
Body Pump: Upper Body #116

How It Felt: Surprisingly, the runs weren’t all that bad! I was pretty slow on the first one, but I picked up my pace a little as the week went on. And even though I’ve been slacking on my PT exercises, my knee has felt alright. Guess my extra looooong break helped!

Even though I did the upper body only Body Pump workout, the squat presses in the back track left my legs quite sore. And I can’t remember the last time my chest was that sore!

Commentary: I would like to get back to one post per training day, and I’m hoping to get there after this post and the next!

I am eternally grateful the city is paving a path next to the canal. It makes it so much easier to run near my house. Granted, there’s only so far I can go because they are only paving about three miles, but it’s still better than driving to the Greenbelt for every run.

The TV is propped up on the TV stand because the wall mount is too small for the TV.

What’s more exciting than having a close place to run is getting my home gym set up! The squishy floor is down, protecting the hardwood, I have my weights for Body Pump as well as a step bench, and one of our TVs is set up for me to stream my workouts. I even bought dumbbells so I can do other exercises as well. Even though I do love going to the gym, working out at home is way more better.

On Friday (July 30th) I went paddleboarding down the Teton River with some friends. We saw three moose! And I forgot how log the fin is on my paddleboard. It became quite annoying when I ran aground and nobody else did because they had river fins on their boards. I still need to order a river fin sooner than later.

Hey moose!

On Saturday (July 31st) I picked my mom up in Salt Lake City, and she stayed with me for a few days. We did a little bit of sightseeing, and she enjoyed herself. It’s always good to spend a little bit of time with mama!

Mom and me at Upper Mesa Falls.

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