Under the Big Sky

Dates: 7/16/21 – 7/18/21
Training Days: Uhhh…
Miles: 2.7 running + 28 walking
Bands: Too many to count!
Weather: Hot and smokey

How It Felt: The run Friday morning wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t feel great. Maybe because of all the smoke in the air?

Commentary: Wednesday night and Thursday morning I scrambled around the house, getting all my poop in a group for a ten-day “adventure” with my sister.

I put “adventure” in quotes because my adventures usually entail hiking, backpacking or other super physical but awesome shit. And I usually don’t shower the entire time and end up shitting in the woods at least once. My sister’s idea of an adventure is parking the Airstream at a campground that has a good cell signal.

Our makeshift awning while we waited for the Friday night festivities to start.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking my sister’s version of adventure. But we just have very different definitions.

Thursday afternoon I picked her up at the Kalispell Airport. After an early dinner we checked into Camp Scout + Gather, the campground for Under the Big Sky Festival.

After seeing these sweet neck koozies on the river I had to get one for myself.

While my sister enjoys sleeping in the tent without fly under the big sky, she still enjoys her shower and latte in the morning. No big deal... Until we’re boondocking outside Glacier NP.

Anyway, we’ll see how that goes, I’ll report back later.

Wildfire smoke makes for some pretty sunsets.

In my last post I forgot to mention that I’m on a vegan vacation. With all the trips and delicious non-vegan eats around me (did I hear someone say ribeye? Brisket? Bacon?), I caved. Since I’m not really training right now, I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything but my waistline.

And now my boobs barely fit in my sports bra…

Under the Big Sky was a smorgasbord of fucking fantastic meaty, cheesy deliciousness. And not only was the food enough to make me happy, the musicians rocked socks off as well.

Did I mention the people?

Typically people annoy the ever living shit out of me. I love yet despise humanity at the same time. But this festival was different.

We met and chatted with so many awesome people that my faith in humanity was partially restored. Sure, there were still some assholes, but there always is. And I’m pretty sure one chick that started talking to me why trying to hit on me. But who cares? We’re still going to try to hang out in Glacier later this week.

Shovels and Rope, the reason I bought tickets to Under the Big Sky.

Although there are many aspects of the festival that need major improvement, it was still a blast. Depending on the lineup, I just might go again.

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