Still hurtin’

Date: 6/11/21
Training Day: 140
Miles: 5k (+ 6.75 paddleboarding)
Time: 42 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Partly cloudy, low 60s

How It Felt: The paddleboarding was a blast! A mile into the 5k my knee/IT band was hurting, so I walked the rest of the way.

Commentary: Sunday I went for a three-mile walk to stretch out my legs. My IT band was still tight, so my knee hurt. I stopped a few times to stretch it, and that helped a little. That night my husband went over my IT band with the magic stick, and I think that helped a lot.

Monday I didn’t do shit but work. I could feel tightness around my knee, but it didn’t hurt. That evening I did some good stretching, but I was too lazy to foam roll because I suck.

The crystal clear water of the Buffalo River.

My run on Tuesday didn’t go so hot. About five minutes in the pain started. At first I planned to push through it, then I decided against it. I ran a total of 16 minutes. And I skipped my Wednesday run to give my IT band a break.

This morning I went to PT for my shoulder, and I told the doc about my problem. He used the magic stick on my IT band and hooked me up with some KT tape.

Lunch break!

He also told me that when it gets to this level of inflammation it’s best to rest it for two weeks. I reminded him I had another 5k and half marathon this weekend. He told me to make sure if walk if it really started to hurt, and that’s just what I did during the 5k this evening.

Tomorrow I’ll probably spend more time walking than running, but that’s okay. Better to be slow than jack myself up!

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