Actually working

Date: 5/26/21
Training Day: 124

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of down about feeling bleh and not running or going to the gym. I continued to ponder what is so much different now than before.

I’ve been doing PT for two months now, so there’s no good reason for that to make me more bleh. I’m only going to the gym four days a week instead of six, and the workouts are shorter, so that should have lowered my bleh.

Stuff around the house and marriage stuff could have added to the bleh, but it’s usually very temporary. My runs were a much longer and more intense than before the Spartan, so that probably added to the bleh.

Oh yeah, and work.

My hours at work haven’t changed, and I still have a stupid long commute. But I’ve actually been working these past few weeks. That probably sounds bad.

Before the beginning of May I spent a lot of time at my desk staring at my computer. Then a couple of guys were out for various reasons, which probably doesn’t sound too significant, except that they make up one-third of our department.

On top of being shorthanded, we started doing a lot more physical work. Like going up and down stairs with a harness on, walking all over the building. Picking things up and putting them back down. I racked up 7,000 steps during the first four hours of work today.

That clearly takes a lot more out of me than I anticipated. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting old. Regardless, I need to take my physical workload into account when planning my training.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a run in, and hopefully a couple more over the weekend. My goal is to get back to my normal running schedule next week. Fingers crossed!

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