I bought a house for my cat

Date: 4/9/21
Training Day: 77
Strength Training: Biceps & forearms

How It Felt: Meh. I hate forearm exercises, and over half of my workout was forearm exercises.

Commentary: Before moving to Idaho, my husband and I lived in our van. If Idaho winters weren’t so brutal we would have kept living in the van. Instead of touring ourselves and the cat, we got an apartment.

The idea was to live in the apartment until it was warm enough to move back into the van. So we didn’t care if the apartment was nice or not, and we only signed a six-month lease. Then we realized how shitty the apartment was and started counting down the days until we moved.

We had all intentions of moving back into the van. Then I thought about my sweet kitten. When we lived in the van before we worked at a campground, and she roamed free all day. Now it’s different.

Look at that vancat!

First, we’d likely have to move the van often. Second, we live in town so she can’t wander about whenever she pleases. Third, I work 4-10s, and my husband likes to play golf. I pictured her trapped in the hot van while he golfed all day. She is an amazing cat, and she deserves to roam around and have space. It wouldn’t be fair to her if we moved into the van.

So, I bought a house for my cat.

One could argue the house is for us as well, but my husband and I don’t really need a house when it’s nice out. Will I enjoy having a house? Probably. Mainly because I plan to put in a home gym. And this house is close to the canal, which has dirt paths on either side to run on. Bonus!

Anyway, today we closed, and I’m currently packing up our shitty apartment so we can move into my cat’s house.

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