Pain in my knee

Date: 3/9/21
Training Day: 46
Miles: 5.25 (intervals)
Time: 60 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Mid-30s, partly cloudy
Strength Training: Abs

How It Felt: Pretty much the same ab workout as last week. I wasn’t a fan of it last week, and I’m still not a fan of it. I was so annoyed I skipped my last set. The run felt surprisingly great considering how the day started (see commentary).

Commentary: Sunday night my right hip area bothered me while I slept. Yesterday it continued to bother me, and the annoyance expanded to above my hip bone as well. I stretched those areas out as best I could, but they continued to bother me.

Today the annoyances were still present, but my right knee started bothering me too. It bothered me all day. I’m convinced the two are related. Until this hip area problem arose I haven’t had any long-duration knee problems since I started running again.

I decided to still try to do my run with humans this evening. When I got home I busted out the foam roller. I spent five minutes working my hip area and IT band.

Almost like magic, when I stood up my knee didn’t hurt anymore. I ran intervals with humans and felt absolutely fantastic. As soon as I got home I foam rolled again.

Because of this magic, I plan to buy a short foam roller to keep in my car so I always have one. Like this morning, I wanted to foam roll to see if it would help, but the two at the gym were already in use. Problem solved if I keep one in my car!

And the featured image does not do the sunset justice. It was so pretty, and the picture is so not, lol.

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