Pounding dirt, er, gravel

Date: 3/4/21
Training Day: 41
Miles: 4 (progression)
Time: 40 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Sunny, mid-40s
Strength Training: Arms

How It Felt: The arm workout was tough. I felt like a pansy because I had to lighten the weight on three of the exercises. The fast part of the run was rough because I just couldn’t keep the pace recommend by Garmin’s Coach Greg. Other than that, it felt good!

Commentary: It was a gorgeous day out. The sun was shining, and it was warm. Well, warm compared to what it usually is. All I wanted was to be outside.

After lunch we had zero work to do because we were waiting on paperwork. One of our supervisors suggested we meet at the brewery after work, and the first round was on him. I want to go! But I need to do my run…

Since we had nothing going on, I asked if I could go on run, and my supervisor said yes. I drove down to our admin building because there’s a dirt road that runs parallel to the power lines. It was so nice out I didn’t need my extra layers.

Running outside with the sun on my back felt amazing. My slow pace at the beginning of the workout had me feeling like I could run forever. But I knew I had to turn around at some point.

It was a 40-minute run, so naturally one would consider turning around at the 20-minute mark. This is exactly what I intended to do, which would have been 15 minutes into the second segment of my run. Somehow during the run I convinced myself I should just finish the 20-minute segment and not turn around until the next, faster segment started.

As soon as I turned around I realized I fucked up. I ran 25 minutes one way, leaving myself 15 minutes to run the other way. Sure, even after my running workout was complete I could have kept running until I got back, but I didn’t. The fast part wore me out, and I forgot to hit my inhaler before I left. But it wasn’t the worst thing to walk in the sunshine, in a tank top fo an extra ten minutes.

When I run outside I’m reminded of why I love running. I’m pushing myself, and I get to be in the great outdoors. Especially when I run on trails, or even a dirt/gravel road.

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