Eating like an a**hole

Date: 2/26/21
Training Day: 35
Strength Training: Back and chest

How It Felt: The workout wasn’t super challenging, so I threw in some of my own exercises.

Commentary: After my arms workout I stopped by the Thai food truck and picked up dinner. My husband and I are notorious for overeating when we go out to eat. The same applies to takeout.

The amount of food I got was easily two meals. Note: the featured image is the microwave pad Thai dinner from two nights ago. Instead of eating until I was full and saving the rest, I ate the whole fucking thing. I was uncomfortable by the time I finish. Twenty minutes later and I didn’t want to be in my body anymore. That’s how uncomfortable I was.

So here’s the timeline… Worked out from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Finished eating at 7:30pm. Went to bed at 10pm. That gave me 3.5 hours after my workout, which was challenging, but didn’t leave me amped up or worn out. But even with 2.5 hours between eating and bed, I still went to sleep uncomfortably full.

I did not sleep well last night. This morning I didn’t feel as rested as I have the past few nights. I blame it on eating like an asshole before bed.

While last night doesn’t count towards my hypotheses testing, it still gave me something to think about.

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