Fat tire (not the beer)

Date: 1/24/21
Training Day: 2
Miles: Supposed to run 2, did 4-5 on the bike
Time: 1.5 hours?
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Mid RSM, but it doesn’t really matter
Weather: Partly cloudy, high teens

How It Felt: Felt so good to be back on a bike again! Loved powering/struggling on the uphills and cruising on the downhills, which made my face freeze.

Commentary: My friend has a couple of fat-tire bikes. Her husband wanted them but hates riding them because they are hard to ride. So instead of our usual hike when we meet up, she suggested we ride the fat-tire bikes. Even though my training plan said to run two miles today, I figured a fat-tire bike ride would be just as good.

Cycling is different from running for obvious reasons. One that some folks might not think about is cycling is windier. Because of this, I once again layered up like the kid from the Christmas story. We made it all of half a mile before I needed to shed my down jacket, fleece, beanie, and neck gaiter. As soon as we started riding again my ears froze. At the next break I put my beanie back on like a smarty.

The hills were exceptionally rough, so I treated myself to a brisket sandwich and a beer for lunch. This brings me to something I will write about tomorrow – training, nutrition and alcohol.

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