The beginning

Date: 1/23/21
Training Day: 1
Miles: 4
Time: 59 min
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Mid RSM
Weather: Partly cloudy, mid-20s

How It Felt: When hiking in the snow I’ve noticed a strained, kind of overworked feeling in my right calf and foot. I got the same feeling today and had to really focus on my stride and footstrike to minimize the feeling. Lungs still aren’t feeling 100%, but it wasn’t horrible.

Commentary: The whole Hike 52 thing is one of my goals for 2021. Long runs are always on Saturday. This Sunday is fat-tire biking with a friend, and I really, really wanted to take Friday as a rest/lazy day. To take Friday off I needed to get my hike and long run in on Saturday. Before I go any further, I know four miles is not that long, but give me a break, this is my very first official day of training.

To accomplish both goals without having to drive far, I settled on hiking/running (jogging, really) Menan Butte. The plan was to hike up to the rim of the butte and run around the rim until I got my four miles in. This morning I put some water and snacks in my backpack, layered up like the little kid from A Christmas Story, and drove to Menan Butte.

In the fall I hiked the butte, and all I remembered was grueling climb up to the rim. My mind conveniently forgot about the steep climbs along the rim. They’re not super long, but they are steep enough to make my calves scream. But that could be because I’m not in good shape. I don’t know. Anywho, the steepness and the fresh covering of snow made the run interesting. And by interesting, I mean hard. Oh, and I forgot my microspikes, so I expended a lot of energy taking one step forward and a half a step back as I slid in the snow. No big deal…

The moral of this story is to not be stupid. I just started running again. My jank knee is still a little janky (more on my knee in another post). I have no business running on a trail in the snow with any sort of steep incline and eight pounds of shit hanging on my back. For the rest of winter, I will only run on roads, sidewalks or possibly flat trails with minimal snow.

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