Walking desk

Date: 1/30/23
Training Week: 3
Time: 90 min (walking, under-desk treadmill)
Mobility/Stretching: No
Ate Well: Mostly, I ate a few Mike & Ikes

Commentary: Yesterday, on our way home from Moab, I dreamt of a long soak in an Epsom bath. I traded the bath for helping my husband assemble my adjustable desk! Once assembled, I programmed my sitting and standing desk heights. My under-desk treadmill also got delivered while we were gone, and it came fully assembled. I could not wait to try everything out!

Isn’t it beautiful?

First thing this morning, I did not try out my walking desk. Instead, I messed around with my jank left toe. Yesterday I also went to urgent care to get a hole poked in the toenail to relieve the pressure. Nothing came out. When I got home, I poked a hole in the bruised skin right under the tip of the nail. That did the trick! I poked it again this morning, took a shower, and dressed my jank toe (and myself).

My PT appointment was the same as usual, except the doc didn’t tape up my heels. I’m not sure why. What I do know is my left heel started hurting again. The tape must be what kept the pain away. Doc gave me some tape to do it myself, so perhaps I should.

The treadmill slides far enough under the chaise for my chair to fit at the desk.

After PT, I finally used my walking desk! I started up the treadmill and set it to 3 mph (who knows what the speed really is). For the first hour of the workday, I had online training and walked for 40 minutes of it. I didn’t need to use the keyboard or mouse during that time. My left arm and Garmin watch swung freely, counting my steps.

When the time came to use the keyboard and mouse, I put my watch in my sock. The watch band is too small to secure around my ankle, but my sock held it in place nicely. This walking desk idea is by far the best idea I’ve ever had. I got 15,000 steps in with only 90 minutes of walking! Granted, not all the steps were from the treadmill, but still! I wanted to walk more, but I’m still in active recovery mode from Saturday’s race.

Multipurpose balance pad!

I also stood for all but three hours of the day. After lunch, my feet started hurting. I grabbed the balance pad from the workout room and used it as an anti-fatigue mat. At one point, I did some one-legged balance stands to help strengthen my stabilizer muscles. About time I started using this pad! Even though I didn’t do an official workout, I’d say I did some good training today.

Question of the Day: How many toenails have you lost? Bonus question – did you keep any of them?

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