Instead of running…

Dates: 6/27/22 – 7/3/22
Training Week: 30
Miles: 9
Lost Souls Routes: 1 (out of area)
Total Lost Souls Routes: 35

Commentary: On Monday I intended to get up early and run, even if it wasn’t a Lost Souls route. I slept in instead. Tuesday I also intended to get up early and run. Again, I slept in instead. I think I became so obsessed with Lost Souls routes that getting up early to just run seemed pointless. But what about that 55k you have coming up? Yeah, even my race wasn’t enough motivation to get my butt moving. Oh well!

Wednesday morning, I got up before the ass crack of dawn to catch a flight to the East Coast to visit my sister. She recently bought a camp next to my cousin, so my mom and I flew in to visit. Since I had a three-hour layover in Salt Lake, I intended to do a little bit of remote work so I wouldn’t have to use as much vacation time.

I may or may not have eaten too much my first full day in NH.

I ended up sitting next to this awesome chick on the flight to Salt Lake. We chatted the whole time, and the more we talked the more I liked her. As we started our descent, she busted out a couple mini bottles of bourbon. We toasted our newfound friendship, sipped our bourbon, and exchanged phone numbers.

Since I’ve been so focused on training I haven’t been drinking much. Between that and the empty stomach, the bourbon went straight to my melon. After I bid my new friend farewell, I parked my ass at a restaurant and ordered breakfast and an old fashioned. Instead of working remotely, I enjoyed my slight buzz and played Words with Friends on my phone. Alright, I guess I’ll take an actual vacation.

Because I wanted to go to the mountains as often as possible to run, I rented a car. I figured it’d be easier than trying to borrow my sister’s car in case she had errands to run. Unfortunately, I didn’t use the rental car as often as I’d hoped.

Thursday I was in no shape to run because I was still recovering from my travel day. I went shopping with my sister instead. But Friday morning I got up at 4am and made my way to the White Mountains. Looking at the elevation profile of my chosen loop, I decided to take the less steep way up and the steeper way down. Most folks with bad knees would prefer doing the opposite, but my calves are not a fan of super steep.

I remember the trails in the Whites being a wee tough, but I obviously didn’t remember how tough. The way up to Mount Chocorua was rocky, steep, and slow, but the views made it completely worth it! After summitting I was ready to run down the mountain. Too bad I chose the most treacherous trail, at least that’s what I was told by a local I passed heading up as I was heading down. Even walking briskly was a bit risky. And at one point I lost the trail and had to bushwhack back. But the last two or so miles were quite runnable, and it felt good to pick up the pace.

Hanging out with the younger family members at the lake.

That was only run/hike of the trip! Saturday morning, I got up at 4am, grabbed my gear, and walked out the door to find it pouring rain. Navigating steep, rocky trails in the rain while exhausted (did I mention the jet lag?) did not sound appealing. Instead, I turned my butt around and went right back to bed.

Sunday morning, I decided not to get up early because my friend Devin was coming up to visit and said he would be getting there early. It was only after I rolled out of bed at 7am that I realized his version of early and my version of early were quite different. At 9am he finally texted me and said he’d be there at 11am. Dammit! I should have gotten up early to run! Oh well. Devin, my mom, my sister, and I hit up a few of the breweries in the area, and we had a blast. Probably didn’t help me get ready for the 55k, but that’s okay.

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  1. some days you just need to have fun right. a bunch of friends just had a weekend of racing, three groups, three different distances 100 miler, 50 miler and 50K…they may have inspired me to go for it next July….maybe just the 50K, but why not make that my goal as at 64?

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