Dinner, sleep and badges

Date: 3/31/22
Training Day: 116
Miles: 2.8 (treadmill)
Time: 41 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: It felt like I had to put forth a little more effort today, even with my super slow pace. Perhaps it’s from my workouts yesterday?

Commentary: Every since I started calorie counting I’ve been sleeping so much better. I’m thinking it’s because I don’t eat real food in the evenings. Instead of having Huel for breakfast, I now have it for dinner. A meal replacement shake is way easier to digest. And I haven’t been stuffing my face with cookies, ice cream and/or fruit snacks before bed. Even when I stop counting calories, I think I shall stick with Huel for dinner and move my snacky desserts to lunch.

I joined the Garmin 400k Step Starbucks challenge at the beginning of March. I didn’t think I’d be able to get 400k steps for the month, but since the weather warmed up a coworker and I have started walking at work. That was just what I needed to push my steps up to 400k and not only earn me a Garmin badge, but also a free Starbucks beverage!

Speaking of steps and badges… Garmin has two badges that I have longingly looked at for close to year now. The 60-Day Goal Getter badge (hit daily step goal 60 days in a row), and the 10k a Day Challenge (get 10k steps a day for 30 days in a row). Since my coworker and I have started walking, I decided to commit to getting both of these badges. I’m at six days in a row currently, and I’m fairly confident I can get them both this time.

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