Bryce Canyon & Butch Cassidy

Date: 1/23/22
Training Day: 49
Miles: 5
Time: 60 min
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Weather: High 40s

How It Felt: The run felt good, even with the wee hills. I got so warm at one point I was running in my tank top! Of course my Garmin had to put me down and tell me run was unproductive.

Commentary: I woke up and didn’t want to go home. Big surprise. Instead of heading straight home, I decided some productive procrastination was in order. Since we were so close to Bryce Canyon, why not swing through it?

Originally, we intended to skip Bryce Canyon because the trails were too icy to hike without traction. We left our microspikes at home since we were thinking about the sunny, warm desert and not 8,000 foot elevation with snow. Today wasn’t a hiking day, so a tourist drive was perfect.

The park was impressive. It almost felt like we were in another world. I could not get over the colors and the seemingly delicate hoodoos. When my parents visited Zion and Bryce Canyon my mom said Bryce was her favorite. After driving through both of them, I can see why. Maybe once I do some hiking in both I’ll change my mind. Who knows.

One of the other things I love about living out of the van is all the different places I get to run. As we finally charted a course towards home I noticed the childhood home of Butch Cassidy wasn’t far away. And behind it was a dirt BLM road perfect for running.

We stopped at Butch’s, and I got my run in while Jeremy relaxed in the van with the cat. I reveled in my last outdoor run for who knows how long. The sun, the light breeze, and hell, even the smell of cow manure tickled my senses and helped me to appreciate all that running has to offer.

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