Carb-depleting run

Date: 10/15/21
Training Day: 32
Miles: 8
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Mostly sunny, low 40s

How It Felt: The first half hour sucked, then it was pretty alright.

Commentary: It is currently 6:20am. I woke up at 5:40am, not 5:30am, which is what I had my alarm set for. Why wake up so early on a day off? I remember back before the nice weather hit when I used to stick to about the same sleep schedule all week, even weekends. I felt a lot less tired back then, so I thought I should try it again.

Normally, I would knock out my run first thing because I love starting my day with a workout. Instead, I’m here, typing away while sipping sad coffee. This is for two reasons.

You probably can’t tell, but my coffee is weeping.

Before I started reading The Paleo Diet for Athletes, I would wake up, drink a glass of water and head out the door for my run. Now, I drink a little bit of Accelerade before my runs to give my body a little bit of fuel for my workout. Even though most of my runs during the work week aren’t all that long, I figure it doesn’t hurt to get into the habit.

Seemingly out of nowhere, my running coach assigns me a “Carbo-Depleting Long Run,” which means no calories before the run. First off, I hate the word carbo. Just say carb. I mean, what the fuck else would you be talking about other than carbohydrates? A carburetor? Second, up until the past week or so all of my runs have been carb-depleting runs.

Started using this stuff in 2011 during my intense training, and I love it!

Any other day I wouldn’t even think twice about running around for an hour and a half with no calories beforehand. Yet a magic switch in my head flipped when I started fueling a wee before my runs. Suddenly I have mild anxiety about it. Partly because I’d been planning on bringing some Accelerade with me on my longer runs from now on.

Three paragraphs later, we get to why my coffee is sad… I usually put some maple syrup in my coffee because I love maple syrup, especially in my coffee. No calories = no maple syrup = sad coffee = sad Christina.

And why I am currently tapping away at my keyboard instead of running…

That’s pretty fucking cold. And yes, it’s taken almost 20 minutes for me get this far.

Doesn’t it figure that the only carb-depleting run my running coach has ever assigned me since we started working together in April is on a frigid morning? No fucking way I want to head out there to run right now. But I also don’t want to wait to run because it’s not supposed to get above 30°F until 11am, and I don’t want to sit around for over five hours without eating.

So, here in a bit, I shall put on a ridiculous amount of clothes in an attempt to stay warm while I run, and go on my carb-depleting run. If this were a normal run I could wait until the afternoon, when it’s sunny and gorgeous, to enjoy a long run along the Greenbelt. Instead, I’m at my computer, bitter, miserable, and dreading my run.

After a bit of research and all this writing (which is one of the reasons I write), I have decided the carb-depletion part of this run can fuck off.

The purpose of these types of runs is to train the body to fuel itself beyond its glycogen stores. As in become more efficient at using the glycogen that is available, and to use fat for fuel when glycogen is depleted. Depending on the running magazine you read, this should be done with either shorter runs or long runs. Of course they suggest the opposite of each other.

For months I have done carb-depleting runs. Every single morning run, which is almost every run for the past six months until the weather turned arctic, has been carb-depleting. Sure, a long run would push my body further (duh!), but at this point, the benefit does not seem to outweigh the cost.

My hippie essential oils and inhaler help keep my lungs happy when running in the cold.

Even though my last run in the frigid arctic temperatures was amazing, my lungs aren’t exactly happy with me. It feel like an upper respiratory infection is trying to take hold, even though I doubt one is. I would prefer to slowly acclimate my lungs to the cold instead of doing 90 minutes with the temps in the 20s.

So, I have decided to run this afternoon after running my errands. I’ll likely eat before then because I’m already hungry. Hopefully my running coach doesn’t hate me.

So glad I waited to run.

After all that bitching what do I go and do? Not eat a damn thing and start my run at almost 11am.

Look at those silly gooses all lined up in a row! And yes, I know it’s supposed to be geese.

I had full intentions of snacking and getting my run on sooner. Instead I got distracted by a cat in my lap, and which is why I didn’t eat. And I had a mini nervous breakdown in the Costco parking lot, which is why my run started late.

Despite my best efforts, the run went surprisingly well. According my the performance condition, it wasn’t that great of a run, but what does my watch know anyway. But it did say that I’m maintaining instead of unproductive, so that’s a plus!

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  1. 1) carbo is the stupidest word in existence. I stand in solidarity with you.
    2) you made me laugh with sad coffee, sad Christina
    3) gooses is much more fun to say than geese

    Glad you got your run done, no matter what time it was or how much you had (or hadn’t) eaten!

    Liked by 1 person

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