What is going on?!

Date: 9/20/21 – 9/25/21
Training Days: 7 – 12
Miles: 2.5 + 4 + 5.3
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

How It Felt: Monday run felt shitty. Thursday run felt a lot better, but my hip flexor was giving me grief. Saturday run felt waaaay better.

Commentary: My runs still suck. My VO2 is down, more than I’d expected it to be after taking a couple of weeks off. To keep my heart rate below 150 bpm during my easy runs my pace is a minute and a half slower than it used to be. And Garmin continues to tell me my runs are unproductive.

How the fuck am I supposed to improve even if an easy, 30-minute run is unproductive?!

At work I’ve been getting off my ass more and walking around, as well as doing flights of stairs, hoping a little but extra will help. My husband keeps telling me it’s normal to lose fitness after a couple weeks off. I know he’s right, but I still don’t think I should be doing this horrible.

I pushed my Wednesday run off to Thursday because I’m idiot and decided that finishing season 3 of Sex Education was far more important than sleep. Then I skipped my Friday run because my hip flexor felt quite inflamed and even walking didn’t feel good.

After what feels like forever, my training is actually productive!

Thankfully, my Saturday run made me feel better about myself. First, the run felt good, and I was proud of my pace in relation to my rate. Second, my VO2 max crept up a unit (not sure what the units are, and I don’t care, lol). Third, my Garmin finally said my run was productive!

Here’s hoping I keep improving!

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