Finally worth it (BWCA)

Dates: 9/6/21
BWCA Day: 3
Miles: 5 paddling
Portages: 5
Weather: Partly cloudy to mostly sunny and warm!

A weather report said Monday should be rain free. Sunday night the sky was crystal clear and the stars were breathtaking. We woke up Monday morning with high hopes of a dry day.

Morning fog covered the lake and spiderwebs glistened with drops of dew. But through the mist we could see the sun burning, and we had a good feeling a beautiful day awaited us once the fog burned off.

Misty, peaceful, beautiful morning.

Before I get into our first fantastic day in the BWCA, let me take a moment to rant about portages. First of all, they take up sooooo much time, especially because we had to make two trips since we brought so much shit with us. Second of all, many of them were one right after another, so it felt more like a hiking trip than a canoe trip because we spent more time portaging than paddling.

End rant.

After the last portage the sun shone brightly. It warmed our backs and our spirits. On the way to the BWCA a few guys joked about paddling naked, but with the rain we had yet to see anyone naked.

This was the day.

Sorry guys, no naked pictures to share!

We got all the canoes together and formed a flotilla. Pretty soon we were freeing the nipples and freeing willy. Our mostly naked group leisurely made it towards camp, passing around a 40 of Old E and a pint of whiskey. Chris said it best, “This trip is finally worth it.”

At camp we decided to celebrate our day of great weather. We took off all our clothes and jumped in the water. Alicia got underwater pictures of everyone’s butts. Whether they turned out or not, I’m not sure. But it was fun nonetheless.

We grabbed one of the bladders of wine and started doing bag shots (pour the wine directly from the bladder into your face). Soon the lot of us were dancing naked on the sloped rock by the water with music blasting. It’s amazing nobody fell off that rock!

We filled a flask with wine and threw it to Chris. He fell out of the canoe trying to catch it.

A canoe with three paddlers came by, and we waved them over to us. They seemed fascinated and in awe of our naked dance we party. I waved them over to us offered them bourbon in exchange for a picture with Flat Dennis (that’s what we started calling the picture of Dennis’ head on a stick).

Thankfully, a responsible member of our group made sure we drank water with our wine. She also sneakily snagged the half drank second bag of wine and hid it from us. Even so, I still ended up passed out in our tent wearing my walrus costume after dinner.

Flat Dennis and his new friends.

I woke to a group of drunk folks dancing and singing Disney songs at the top of their lungs. What a great way to end our first amazing day in the BWCA.


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