Rough recovery

Date: 9/1/21
Training Day: 37
Miles: 2
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Clear skies, mid 50s

How It Felt: Meh. I’m clearly still recovering from the half.

Commentary: Going to beer fest after the half marathon was fun, but probably not wise. I slept like shit that night and the next, which likely didn’t help my recovery.

Then Monday night a few of us from work went to the brewery for tacos and beer. I might have left there a little tipsy. This led to another night of shit sleep. Last night I slept alright, but not well enough to make up for three nights of shitty sleep.

My lungs are also feeling a wee meh after the race. I should have hit the inhaler before my run this morning, but I forgot. Oh well.

Can’t argue with my Garmin this time.

The run didn’t feel all that great. It felt like I was working harder than I should have for how fucking slow I was going. Even my Garmin said I was unproductive. Again, oh well.

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