Ultra plan

Date: 6/15/21
Training Day: 144
Miles: 1 (mostly walking)
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: Clear skies and low 60s
Strength Training: Arms

How It Felt: My knee didn’t feel great to start off with, so it’s no surprise it started hurting right away. Instead of being stubborn, I walked. It’s stupid hot outside, so the gym was stupid hot too. Yuck.

Commentary: While I’m disappointed that I can’t run without my knee hurting, I’m strangely not that upset about. Sure I want to run. Mainly because I want to shovel food in face without fear of getting fat. Oh, and to get ready for an ultra.

Notice I said “ultra” and not “100-miler?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have what it takes to train for a 100-miler during the summer while working.

There are only so many snow-free months that aren’t freezing to enjoy outdoor activities in Idaho. During those months I was to do all the things. Like hiking, backpacking, riding my bike, paddleboarding, fishing, rafting, and whatever else might come my way.

I also want to enjoy warm evenings in the backyard while my husband and I grill. I want to kick back on a friend’s patio after work and enjoy a cold beer. I don’t want to spend most of my time after work at the gym or always getting up stupid early to run before work.

I want to enjoy my summer. This, along with my jank knee that is preventing me from running much anyway, had led me to change my goal. Instead of training for a 100-miler, I will now set my sights on a 50k.

This way, once my knee is cooperating again, I can build up to a good base mileage and maintain it. I’ll do this through the nice months, and it’ll still give me a solid five months to train for the Zion 50k in April.

Training during the winter will be easier since there’s not much else to do. I know, I know, doing long runs in the winter isn’t as fun, but it gives me a good excuse to leave town on the weekends in search of nicer weather.

Anyway, now I just need to tell my running coach my new plan…

And don’t you worry, I’m not giving up my dream of running 100 miles. I’m merely postponing it to when I’m unemployed, which likely won’t be more than five years away.

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