Bring on the fat

Date: 2/11/21
Training Day: 20
Miles: 3
Time: 33 min
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: N/A (indoors on a treadmill)
Strength Training: Triceps

How It Felt: The running was alright. Think I was a wee tired, and my legs were pretty sore (still are). The tricep workout wasn’t anything special. My left tricep is still a bitch compared to my right one.

Commentary: I ate my delicious breakfast of sweet potato hash with a tofu scramble at 7:30am. My mid-morning snack consisted of a handful of Oreos. At 10:30am I scarfed down a veggie and avocado sandwich with an apple. By 12:45pm I was stuffing a tofu bahn me in my face. That’s when I finally slowed down.

It appears my appetite is back! And it clearly came back with a vengeance. I just finished eating some tots, pickles with fake cheese slices, and a burrito. The Oreos on the top of the fridge are currently calling my name, but my adorable cat, Oreo (can you tell I like Oreos?), is sitting on my lap, so that’s the only Oreo I’m getting at the moment.

Before I started training, eating this much would have me a little worried. If I keep eating like this I’ll get fat! But now, I don’t give a fuck. Even if I gain weight, my mileage will be steadily increasing for the next year and some change, and I’m still doing strength training. That fat won’t stand a chance!

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